Could Mother Nature Be Causing Issues with Your Plumbing?

You may be particularly careful to make sure that you keep the drains in your kitchen as clean as possible. You always ensure that food debris and other waste is kept away, and the piping underneath the sink is always in good condition. However, this may still not be enough, and you may have noticed that the water has been backing up for some time. Eventually, it will block altogether, and you will need to call out a plumber for their assistance. What could be going wrong, and do you need to blame mother nature?

External Issues

Obviously, your drainage system will extend beyond the space underneath the sink and through subterranean pipes to the public sewer. These pipes need to travel underneath your garden and may, from time to time, be vulnerable to damage. Yet how is such damage possible?

Subsidence and Damage

When weather conditions are particularly dry, the soil beneath the surface may shift. As this happens, the connections that join two separate lengths of pipe may pull apart, and this may allow debris to enter the system. Also, this may provide a way for underground tree roots to enter the pipe in search of much-needed moisture.

Foraging Roots

Some people think that tree roots can simply break their way into an underground pipe as they forage for water. This is unusual, however, and especially if the pipe itself is well made and in relatively good condition. Yet if a joint has been damaged through subsidence, this is a different story, and you may well find that tree roots have entered and have now caused a significant blockage. With these roots in place, the water has backed up all the way into your kitchen and caused your current issue.

Removing the Trees

Still, you do not need to panic and worry about those mature trees in your backyard. You will need to identify the problem and isolate it, however, but will not need to chop down those trees to make sure that it doesn't happen again.

Fixing the Issue

Instead, your plumber will send a tiny camera down through the pipe or may use special equipment to pinpoint the exact location of the problem. They will then be able to dig down and repair the damage, so the piping is once again whole and not accessible. They may also cut back some of the root networks while they are there, and this should stop the problem from re-occurring.

Next Move

Get in touch with your plumber and explain your issue. They will match the appropriate technology with their expertise to help.

For more help, reach out to a plumber that can help fix blocked drains.

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