What You'll Need if You Want to Switch Hot Water System Types

Your hot water system isn't a minor part of your home. It's the system that lets you wash dishes in warm water and that lets you bathe without discomfort. If your current hot water system is failing and needs replacement, you should have this work done as soon as possible, although you'll need to prepare for the new system first. This is especially true if you're going to change your system from storage to tankless or vice versa, or if you're going to change the location of the hot water system. 

Enough Clearance to Place the New Heater

If you're changing the type of hot water system you have, you'll need to ensure you have room for the new system. If you're switching to a tankless system, you'll need to find a spot on the wall where the system can sit without interference from anything else. If you're switching to a storage tank, you'll need proper clearance around the entire tank, from the floor to the wall and above. You'll also need to have room for the new water lines running to and from the system. This transition is usually easier for people going from storage to tankless as it's easier to find a clear spot on the wall, but not always; you'll need to remove shelves, for example, and if you were hoping to attach the tankless system to a point where beams protrude from the wall, you won't be able to attach the hot water system to a beam like you would a picture.

Local Permits

You'll also need permits in most cases before you start the work. Simply replacing a hot water system with the same type in the same location, that's the same size, and so on, typically doesn't need a permit. But any changes usually require permits, and depending on the state, you may have to notify the government when the work is done. 

A Licenced Plumber

Finally, you need a licenced plumber. No matter how much you love DIY projects and no matter how much you have added or replaced on your home yourself, you need a licenced plumber to replace the hot water system. These jobs are so intricate, and the setup is so easy to foul up, that you can't take a chance by doing the work yourself.

Call a licenced plumber to look at your options for replacement. If you want the same type, size, and location, that will be a simple job. If you want any changes, you'll be very glad you contracted a plumber.

To learn more about hot water system replacement, reach out to a local plumber.

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