How to Choose a Toilet For a Small Bathroom

If you're short on space in your bathroom, then you'll be looking for ways to fit everything in without making things too crowded. The problem is, your main fittings, like your bath, sink and toilet, can take up most of the space.

You can reduce your space usage and make your bathroom look bigger by choosing your fittings carefully. For example, space-saving toilets are an option. What kinds of toilets best suit small bathroom spaces?

Slimline Toilets

While most toilets come in a standard size, it is possible to buy smaller units. Primarily designed for small bathrooms, these toilets have a more compact footprint than regular models. They take up slightly less space, which may make a difference in your bathroom.

Back-to-Wall Toilets

Back-to-wall toilets conceal the toilet pipes and waste system in one unit. This allows the whole toilet to sit more flushly against the wall.

You don't have pipes connecting the cistern to the bowl, pushing the toilet forward. This makes the toilet slightly smaller than the norm. These models also look more streamlined and compact, so may make your bathroom look less crowded.

Corner Toilets

If you lack wall space, then a corner toilet may solve some of your problems. These toilets are designed to fit into a corner of your bathroom rather than against a wall. This frees up more wall space for other fittings.

Concealed Cistern Toilets

If you're really short on space, then a concealed cistern toilet may be a good option for your bathroom. These toilets take up very little space compared to regular models. Here, the cistern is completely concealed in the wall behind the toilet. The only space you need in the bathroom is for the toilet bowl itself.

If it isn't possible to put the cistern in the wall, you can also find models that conceal the cistern alongside the toilet. For example, you can put the cistern in an adjoining vanity unit or under a sink.

You can also choose to have these toilets hung on the wall rather than sit on the floor. Having clear space under the toilet gives the illusion of more room. This may make your bathroom look a little bigger.

If you aren't sure which toilet will suit your small bathroom, ask for the advice of a plumber, like those at A and C Plumbing. They can tell you more about different options and help you decide which one will best suit your space.

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