Four Common Causes of Blocked Drains and How to Avoid Them

If you want to keep your residential drains flowing smoothly, it's important to know the common causes of blocked drains. By finding out why drains stop up, you can discover where problems start and how they grow into the symptoms that you end up facing in your home.

With that said, here are the top culprits behind blocked residential drains and how to avoid them.

Neglected drains

Your residential drains work hard to remove wastewater from the property, but how well do you take care of them?

When it comes to residential property maintenance, the drains are one of those building components that require your utmost attention. Neglected drains are susceptible to blockages due to the increased potential for sludge and sediment to build up inside the pipes.

To prevent this from happening, you should arrange regular cleaning of your drains. Routine drain cleaning service not only dislodges blockages that may have started to form but also keeps your drains smelling fresh. 

Aging drains

Like other components of your residential plumbing system, the drains suffer normal wear and tear over time. When this happens, pipe material can disintegrate and result in a buildup of debris inside your drains. 

While blockages due to deteriorating pipes can be cleared, they are a harbinger of impending pipe failure. Pipe replacement may be necessary to effectively address the problem.

Misused drains

There's no two ways about it — a drain that's not used the right way will eventually become clogged.

All those unacceptable things that you pour or flush down your drains, whether advertently or inadvertently, will become stuck inside the pipes and stop wastewater and sewage from leaving your property. When this happens, waste will back up into your home, rendering your entire plumbing system out of order.

To mitigate against the risk of blocked drains, it is important to use your drains only for disposing of waste items that are allowed. Things like food scraps, cooking grease, hair and feminine hygiene products do not belong in your drains.

Drains invaded by tree roots

This is another common reason for blocked drains. It typically occurs on properties with large trees growing too close to the house. As roots from adjacent trees forage for water, they may be easily drawn to the leaks that exist within your drains. Subsequently, they can get into the pipes and cause a whole host of problems, including blockages. 

If you have any large trees growing close to your house, consider cutting them down to eliminate the risk of blocked drains due to tree root intrusion.

Although you don't want to have blocked drains, it's a plumbing pet peeve you might face at some point. This means drain unblocking service may become inevitable for you. If you ever see the signs of blocked drains in your home, contact a local plumber immediately.

For more information on blocked drains, contact a company near you.

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