Signs Your Water Pump is Broken

This article examines common issues which can affect water pumps. Read on to find out more.

1. It's producing more noise

A noisy water pump can be a sign of serious wear, or it may just need a simple maintenance step such as replacing the bearings. Either way, if your pump starts to make a lot more noise, it is time to call a plumber.

2. The pump will not turn on

A pump may not turn on for several reasons, including power failure, water backflow due to inlet blockages, or damaged wiring and switches on the pump itself.

3. The water level gauge doesn't work

Pumps often use a flow meter to indicate how much water is being pushed. If this turns out to be faulty, the pump will either continue to push water up through the system or will stop pumping completely. 

4. No water comes out when the tap is turned on

In some cases of very low pressure in the system, sufficient water might not physically come out of the taps even though they are turned on. This could be due to a blockage in the mainline or another pipe further upstream – most likely in a retaining wall or underground pipe.

5. Water runs slowly or stops after a short time

If you have recently installed a new pump, your water might not be circulating properly. This is because the pipework and pipes supplying the pump need to be large enough for the amount of water coming in from your tank or source. If they are too small, the pump will run slower and stop more easily. This can cause concern among users as they think their pump is faulty when it may just need replacing with larger piping.

6. The float switch does not work properly

The float switch is what activates the pump. When it set up a water pump, this needs to be positioned above the water level you want your tank to reach. If it fails, it may stop working before it even reaches this point or continue pumping for much longer than necessary — both of which are a waste of energy and money.

Not all water pumps need to be replaced when they break down or are beyond repair. A fully trained plumber will be able to assess the pump and tell you what is wrong and whether it is possible to fix it.

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