Ways You Are Making Blocked Drains Worse

If you have blocked drains in your home, you may try to handle clearing the drains on your own. This isn't an issue if the clog is small and is causing a slow drain issue. If the drain is totally clogged and not moving, then your do-it-yourself approach may not be as ideal. In fact, the do-it-yourself method may cause more harm than good, making the blocked drains worse. Here are some methods that you may be using that make the clog worse and can lead to costly repairs.

Baking Soda Mixtures

One of the more common mixtures for removing blocked drains is to use baking soda and vinegar. Though this may clean some of the grease and help loosen the clog, it does cause a severe issue later if the plumbing is not flushed properly. The mixture of baking soda and vinegar can cause the remaining baking soda that does not dissolve to harden. This hardening can occur around the site of the clog or within the blockage itself. This makes it harder to remove the blockage and can cause cracks in the pipes.

Heavy Plunging

If you have used a plunger and the clog still has not dislodged, then continued heavy plunging will not help. The heavy suction and plunging on a rough blockage can cause pressure to build on the pipes, washers and connectors. If this occurs it can lead to a breakdown of the washers, leading to leaks. In severe cases you may cause a crack in the pipe if the suction is too severe. This will lead to plumbing leaks, the need for costly repairs and possible replacement of a pipe.

Multiple Chemicals

When you decide to use a liquid or crystal clog remover, one of the warnings is to not mix it with other chemicals. If you have used one liquid clog remover and it did not work, the chemical will still be in the plumbing and in the clog. If you add another chemical there may be fumes or chemical damage done to the pipes. This damage will result in having to have sections of the plumbing removed. It can also cause costly sink replacement if the finish of the sink is ruined by the chemical.

If you have a blocked drain that isn't easily fixed with a pipe snake or with a professional liquid clog remover, then consider contacting your plumber. They can safely remove the clog without causing damage to your pipes. They can also fix the leaks that may have already been caused by the clog and the methods used to remove the clog.

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