Important Home Maintenance Tasks That Are Easy to Overlook

When you own a home, you may know to have its roof and foundation inspected for needed repairs on a regular basis, and to have the furnace and central air conditioner cleaned and examined as often as recommended by your contractor. While these types of tasks are very important for keeping your home in good working order, there are other maintenance jobs that are easy to overlook, and which can mean serious damage to your home if ignored. Note a few of those tasks here, so you can ensure these get done properly, and that your home is always in good repair.

Cleaning the plumbing

Having the home's plumbing cleaned out regularly can help to prevent clogs from forming, and will keep the water in the home running as it should. Don't do this cleaning yourself by dumping chemicals into the drains or toilets, as store-bought drain cleaners can be very caustic and actually damage the home's plumbing pipes. Instead, call a plumber, who will typically use a type of air horn that sends a blast of air through the pipes, removing clogs and debris. This will protect those pipes from damage and ensure they're in good repair.

Clean the vents and ductwork

Having the home's ductwork cleaned will mean cleaner air in the home, as those ducts can hold lots of dust and debris, all of which gets blown out the vents when the home's furnace or air conditioner engages. Clean ducts will also mean less wear and tear on those appliances, as the furnace and air conditioner fans need to work harder to blow air through dirty ductwork and clogged vents. It's often recommended that this cleaning be done every few years, but have it done more often if you live in an area prone to lots of dust, or have breathing disorders and want the home's air to be extra clean.

Roof plumbing

Roof plumbing includes a home's gutters and downspouts, and it's important that these be inspected for needed repairs on a regular basis. If the gutters have pulled away from the roof, rainwater may fall behind them and collect along the home's exterior walls and foundation. If the downspouts have holes or do not extend far enough away from the home, they may also allow water to collect along the home's foundation or to flood the yard. Keep the roof plumbing in good repair to avoid these risks of water damage to your home and property.

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