Modern Design Elements of Toilets

Advancements in technology have resulted in the manufacturing of toilet seats with modern design elements. Plumbers are now installing toilet bowls that are more efficient in their use of water, are less prone to failure, and are easier to use in the home.

While there are multiple styles and colors that a toilet comes in, the most important thing for homeowners is for the toilet to work effectively. Modern design elements, therefore, focus on adding utility and efficiency first, while providing features that may boost aesthetic appeal. Some of these utility elements you can expect to see in modern toilets include:

Less water used during each flush

A top concern for modern toilet design is water efficiency. Modern toilets are capable of using less water for every flush due to a more efficient toilet bowl design. Previous toilets would depend on the force of gravity to provide the flushing power to the toilet after use.

These methods were more likely to result in clogging and the use of larger amounts of water. Modern design now uses pressure-assist systems that combine pressurised air with water to clean the toilet bowl after use.

Variable height toilet bowls

Modern toilets are built with maximum comfort and usability in mind. The previous standardised toilet bowl sizes were not a great fit for everyone, and they left many people having to adjust to a specific shape and size. Currently, you can have different heights of toilet bowls installed in your home. These varying heights can also be equipped with safety features that ensure everyone enjoys the convenience that they provide.

Bigger toilet bowls

In most cases, a bigger toilet bowl is more comfortable to use than a smaller one. Bigger toilet designs don't necessarily mean that you'll be taking up too much extra space or using more water. In fact, the larger sized toilets are only a few inches larger, yet they make a big difference when you use them.

More automation

Modern toilets would not be truly modern without automated elements. Most modern toilets come with smart controls that are equipped with sensors. These sensors are capable of detecting when it is time to flush so that the bowl remains clean at all times.

The sensors may also be connected to the lighting of the bathroom so that anytime the toilet lid is lifted up, the lights automatically turn on. There are many design variations of smart toilet systems that are currently in the market or are scheduled for release in the near future. In addition, plumbers are constantly looking for more effective and efficient toilets that add functionality and comfort to the home. 

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