Three surge control tips that can help prevent pipe bursts in your home

One of the things that are dreaded most by homeowners is burst pipes. Burst pipes usually lead to flooding inside the home, and water damage. One of the significant causes of pipe bursts in the house, especially in summer, is water surges. Burst pipes from surges cause severe damage because of the expensive repair costs and possible lawsuits from third parties. In case you have been a victim of this plumbing emergency, you will find the following prevention tips very beneficial.

Changing pipe material and diameter

Any time a pipe which is small in diameter is subjected to vast volumes of water at a go, the pressure increases. At times, when the pipe material has a weakness, the excessive pressure leads to a pipe burst. One of the best solutions to water surges is changing the diameter of the pipes so that they can handle the increased pressure during the rush. Choosing durable pipe material will also make them withstand the excess pressure during surges.

Installing surge tanks

Surge tanks are typically installed in water systems for two reasons, to absorb any sudden pressure rises and also to provide water in case there is a brief drop in water pressure. It is possible to install a mini-surge tank in your home water supply system if the surges or water hammers are a common occurrence. Surge tanks come in a variety of sizes, and the smallest is a 40-gallon pressurised unit. Another alternative that serves the same purpose as the surge tank is a feed tank.

Installing relief valves

At times, water pressure issues happen because, during the design of the home's plumbing system, the wrong valve sizes and types were introduced. Weak valves are easily bypassed by high-pressure jets of water, leading to water damage. A plumber is a right person to inspect your pipes and determine whether they are strong enough to withstand regular water pressure and also hammers and other surges. If not, they will replace them with what is appropriate.

VSD control

This solution is only applicable if the cause of the pipe burst is excessive pressure from the pumped water. The variable speed drive is designed to control the amount of water passing through a cross-section of the pipe at any given second, and ensure it is within the limit of what that pipe can handle.

Water damage is a problem that is better prevented than solved.  A competent plumbing expert will identify the design problem that might cause a burst pipe and resolve it accordingly.

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