Hot Water Installations: Different Types of Hot Water Systems

Hot water might have been a luxury in the past but in these modern times it is simply a necessity that most people cannot go without. This has made hot water installation systems part and parcel of many residential homes and even commercial buildings.

There are many hot water systems in the market and it might be difficult for you to pinpoint one that would be suitable, without prior research or the guidance of a qualified plumber. Given below is vital information regarding hot water installation systems that will help you choose the right system for your residential or commercial building.

Two distinct Styles of Water heaters

Tank and tankless are the two distinct styles of water heaters. While both of these heaters are reliable in heating and dispensing off hot water when needed, they function differently. The tank style heater stores water and keeps it heated at a pre-set temperature, dispensing it to the tap (when the tap is opened). On the other hand, the tankless heater has a number of super-heated coils that 'instantly' heat water when hot water is required.

Both the tankless and tank style water heaters possess advantages and disadvantages, which you must consider before choosing one. For instance, the tank system has the advantage of handling large demands for hot water thus great for commercial purposes such as gyms. On the other hand, the tank style has the disadvantage of taking huge chunks of space, thus might be hard to install in a building with limited space.

Different "firing" systems

Hot water installation systems can be electrically or gas fired. In electrically fired systems, electricity is used to heat water while in gas system, natural gas is often utilized. When compared to their electric counterparts, gas systems are increasingly becoming popular in most homes due to their advantages. For instance, gas hot water systems are more affordable to use in the long run as compared to electric systems. Gas systems also have the advantage of heating water faster than the electric system and can actually supply a continuous flow of heated water 24/7, thus suitable for a large family.

Taking a cold shower early in the morning as you are headed to work is a 'nightmare' for most people, hence the need for hot water systems. Use the above information to guide you in acquiring a system that will suit all your hot water needs. Bear in mind that hot water installation is best handled by professionals such as plumbers

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